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welcome my webpage


Giovanni Di Bartolomeo

(PhD Rome Sapienza, MSc Barcelona UFP).





Economia politica

Economia Unione Europea

Economia Internazionale

Economia e politica economica nei mercati globali

Teoria e politica monetaria


La voce (letture)

Richiami di matematica (dispensa)




Intermediate topics in macroeconomics




     IS/LM model and AS/AS model

     Central banking


Class handouts

Handouts are quickly written so sorry for typos (especially for the language ones)

     The Phillips menu: Tinbergen and Theil approach (class).

     Expectations and Lucas critique (class).

     Friedman’s view and Lucas’ proposition (class).

     The Lucas supply curve and monetary ineffectiveness (class).

     The Barro Gordon model (class).

     The policy game approach (class).



     Business cycle indicators [N. Roubini] (web).

     US business cycle [NBER] (web).

     Linear regression (slides, application Phillips curve).

     Game theory at MIT (web).


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